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:( Artikelnummer: P98265. Slut i lager? Bevaka produkten här  "The Good Life" [Reissue edition] av Kashmir · LP (LP VINYL). Cover for Kashmir · E.A.R.

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The lager brewing process was first developed in Germany and has become one of the most popular styles of beer in the United States. Ale turns around much faster than lager and is generally easier to brew right. So, the first beers brewed by these beer pioneers tended to be ales, thus drawing the line between pale lager and ale. The answer may also lie in the comparison between lager and ale. Speaking in the broadest terms, ale has more flavor, aroma and character than lager. Good Company Lager is a Vancouver-born and bred traditional craft lager.

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Då är vår produkt perfekt för dig! Med detta viktade filt kommer du att. ”Different is good”.

Good lager

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Lager beers contain similar caloric content as typical beers.

Good lager

Pale lager is a golden-colored liquid with alcohol content of 5.8% and more. Noble hop is extensively used in pale lager, while other ingredients include pilsner malt and adjuncts like corn and rice. American Budweiser, a pale lager has the highest selling rate.
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I purposely upgraded to a keg system because of lagers. The times I have bottled my lager it turned out flat. I’m sure people have done it in the past with good results. I would love to know how this works. By Larry on Dec 4, 2010.

It’s made with Cascadian hops, lightly malted Canadian two-row barley and choice water from the Cascadian Mountains.
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